Higher Clatcombe, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4RN

Junior Membership

Junior members have the same entitlement to use the course as Full members.

Junior members may not sign in guests and may not attend or vote at the Club AGM or any EGM.

The current annual subscription is £67 for Juniors aged below 14 and £111 for those aged 14 – 18 on 31 December.

The Management Committee waives the Junior subscription for Juniors under 14 years old who have a parent, guardian or grand-parent who is a full member of the club.

In addition all must pay £3.00 insurance, boys must pay the DCGU fee of £17.70 and girls under 18 must pay the DCLGU fee of £21.00

To join this membership, please download the Junior application form below, together with the following forms which are required for Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Junior Membership Application form 2018

SGC Player Profile Form_1

SGC Parental Consent Form

SGC Photography Consent Form