Higher Clatcombe, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4RN

Evening Associate Membership

Intended for non-members who wish to join and use the course in the evenings after 4pm.

This membership is ideal for those who work in the day or have other daytime commitments and who wish to take the first steps to joining a golf club and obtaining a handicap.

Evening Associate members are entitled to use the course after 4pm all 7 days of the week.

They may obtain a handicap and they may play in club competitions and teams.

They are required to pay the current guest rate green fee if they commence play before 4.00pm

They may not attend or vote at the Club AGM or any EGM.

Applicants must not have been a member of Sherborne Golf Club for at least one year.

The current annual subscription is £361.00

In addition all must pay £3.00 insurance, men must pay the DCGU fee of £17.70 and women must pay the DCLGU fee of £21.00

To join this membership, please download the application form by clicking this link on the right.