Higher Clatcombe, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4RN

Two Holes-In-One


Pictured here are Matt Sandy and Alice Plumb on the ninth green at Sherborne where they both holed in one during the Pro-Shop’s Christmas Competition on Saturday 10th December. There were 108 golfers enjoying the competition and Matt and Alice will remember the day for the rest of their lives.

Matt and Alice were playing in the same four ball. At the ninth tee Matt played first and was thrilled to see his tee-shot go in the hole. After Matt’s partner had played it was Alice’s turn and she was equally thrilled to see her tee-shot go in the hole as well.

Both Matt and Alice represent Dorset County and are coached by Sherborne Professional Alistair Tresidder who organised the competition.  Matt plays off handicap +1 and Alice off handicap 1 and on Saturday they had the amazing and what will almost certainly be unique experience of halving a hole in one.