Higher Clatcombe, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4RN

Paul celebrates with a bottle of port after he Holes-in-One on 9th

18-handicap member Paul Scrivener, pictured here retrieving his ball, Holed-in-One at the 9th hole playing in today’s Monday morning roll-up.

Paul hit a 4-wood off the yellow tee for this 179 yard par three. He and his companions watched the ball heading straight for the green where it bounced two or three times, running straight at the flag, then heard a faint clank as the ball hit the flag and disappeared down the hole.

This is Paul’s first Hole-in-One and after finishing his round he bought a bottle of port so that the members in the clubhouse could celebrate his success. We all hope he Holes-in-One again soon.